The original Chilliwack Tulip Festival

Each Spring, our farm comes alive with a vibrant celebration of the season, where flowers unfurl in a kaleidoscope of colours, claiming their place in the spotlight.

Take Highway 1 exit and you’ll be just a few petals away.

What our guests have to say

Ashutosh A.

A nature photographer’s dream – a flower enthusiast’s home… and social media enthusiasts to influences to wannabes can all spend the day clicking fantastic pictures and videos for their reels, posts, and stories ????

Farzad F.

I recently attended the annual tulip festival in Chilliwack, and it was truly a feast for the senses. The sheer number and variety of tulips on display was breathtaking, with every color of the rainbow represented in stunning, vivid blooms. The festival grounds were impeccably maintained, and it was clear that the organizers had put a great deal of thought and care into creating an enjoyable experience for visitors.

Overall, I would highly recommend the tulip festival to anyone looking for a beautiful and engaging way to spend a day. The atmosphere was festive and joyful, and it was clear that both locals and visitors alike were having a wonderful time. If you have the chance to attend, don’t hesitate!

Shilpika K.

It’s my first experience of tulips, I enjoyed thoroughly, the flowers are fresh seems like they are taken a very good care, the stuff is so polite in spite of visitors troubling them every minute going into the fields. Weekends are too crowded, weekdays could be easy for any photoshoots or social influencers

Abim G.

It was worth it to come here, because it was so nice to be here. Theres a lot of mountains and flowers,and its not only flowers, theres a tractor and some other vehicles for farming beside the flowers with a tiny playground so kids don’t get bored easily.

Hangout CAN

An amazing photograph experience in Chiliwack Tulips Festival

Love the way how the flowers are planted.

Recommend to visit the site on weekdays.