Tulips are just the beginning.

The story of Botanica Farm is woven with the threads of family heritage and a commitment to nurturing the land. Our familial connection to the property dates back to the early 1990s, when this land became an integral part of our family legacy and back further to the late 1940’s when our Grandparents, refugees who arrived in Canada in 1948 following World War II, made Chilliwack their home. 

In the subsequent years, our father took over the family farm, focusing on enriching the land and implementing sustainable farming practices. Over the years, adjacent properties were added, and the farm diversified its offerings, cultivating chickens and eggs alongside seasonal crops such as corn, peas, potatoes, hops, and (of course!) bulbs.

In 2017, we brought the joy of the flower festival to Greendale, marking the beginning of a cherished tradition. Today, Brian and Jewel, accompanied by their four children, along with Jen, Mike, and their three children, are excited to carry forward the legacy of responsible farming and to continue hosting the Tulip Festival in the picturesque setting of Chilliwack. Join us in celebrating the beauty of Botanica Farm, where the past, present, and future harmonize in a sea of vibrant flowers.

Come and go with ease.

Directions from Vancouver

A 60 minute drive – Trans-Canada Hwy/BC-1 Eastbound until Exit #109.

Specific Turn-Off to look out for:

Exit #109 toward Yale Road W and then turn right and follow the tulips.

Always use a navigation app or GPS for real-time guidance. Safe travels!